Remember these yanks never loved us. Remember they blamed us for AIDs, said all we ate was cats, called us stank, said we all came off the boat or swam here. Many of us were tortured elementary-middle school for being Haitian. Now they wanna yell “Zoe life”, “Haitian by penetration”, “”Sak Pase”, “I need me a Haitian” & ; “I love griot”. Never forget these niggas never loved us. Its Zoe life or no life shoutout to my zoes who represent at all times Happy Labor Day enjoy everyone be safe!!!

Haitians killing it and representing

Haitians killing it and representing

"Trespassing of the Spirit."


Trespassing of others is most Grievous harm You cause to Yourself. 

  • Judgmental thoughts of Others.
  • Negative thoughts of Others. 
  • Sinful thoughts of Others. 

Trespassing is You forcing Your negative thoughts or energy.

  • Wishing unwell of other
  • Judging others
  • Preaching to others

Follow Your Heart. 

Be Kindness.

Be Compassion.

Be Love.


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Pride (from collection “Seven Deadly Sins”)
If you can manage the pride when you succeed, then you can deal with despair when you lose.


The Seven Deadly Sins, Otto Dix, 1933.


The Seven Deadly Sins, bookplates by the Russian artist Vladimir Zuev

1. Lust
2. Gluttony
3. Greed
4. Sloth
5. Anger
6. Envy
7. Pride